This writing is simplified to give readers a general idea of what we can do.

Many people catch cold and flu around September in Arizona, and usually by the early October, it becomes fully blown.

This is due to the lack of awareness of the body and actions. People do not perform preventive measures immediately.

We catch cold and flu from the neck and the feet (also from someone’s breath). When you start noticing slight cold air stroking your neck or feet, and you start feeling slight soreness of the throat, then you are getting sick.

Immediately keep your neck and feet warm. Drink warm fluids. Intake large amount of vitamin C from foods and supplements. Take vitamin B complex. Gargle with salt, colloidal silver, etc. to kill germs. Do not drink alcohol or anything might reduce your immune system function. Must sleep well. If you do these, you will wake up with the immune system against cold and flu next day.

You will not catch them until a different strand comes around, especially after Thanksgiving and Christmas (visitors from other states will carry it over).

When you become sick, intake lots of vitamin C, or even shock your body, if you have a strong constitution, by eating a lemon, or drink lots of apple cider vinegar. If you have high fever (if you have a heart problem, avoid), place extra blankets over your bed, and sweat a lot while you sleep. Take out extra body heat from the forehead by applying a cold towel. You need to sleep well. Take in vitamin B complex, or anything antioxidant such as glutathione, zinc, etc. Fight in your mind that you would beat the cold. Gargle a lot in a day.

Good luck.
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