On Depression & Anxiety:  what To Do

What to do:  drink more water than usual, learn how to breathe properly such as certain yoga techniques, do not stay in one room, get out and walk, break a daily routine a bit, do what make you happy, start thinking in the present tense (i.e., I do or I don’t, and not, I will or I won’t.).

Avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants.  Remember, thinking only produces thinking:  try not to fall to this loop.  If you do, you are stuck with past issues.

Find your core self in the healthy body, start truly believing in “you” by connecting with your heart.  Do not create a false self image which does not relate to the true reality in front of you.  Discern your thinking and behavioral patterns, and be wise and brave to change them by speaking from your heart:  then nothing else should matter.  After all, nothing is about you.  This world is just IS.

Get acupuncture, it is effective.