This writing is simplified to give readers a general idea of what anxiety is and how to cope.

Many people are under Prozac and Paxil, which indicates a social break down as a whole. Our society needs to improve.

Anxiety is deeply personal and inner. Many women and as well as many men suffer from it. It is an internal dialogue between your thoughts and the mind.

In my clinic, I find many clients who are absolutely, 100%, sure when comes to negativity by telling me “that could not be done,” “will never change,” etc. Unable to think and change, and do more positive things.

This is because they suffer, but do not inquire their minds. If you steady your breath, calm your heart rate, and clear your mind of negative thoughts, you will know that anxiety is always about past issues you have been unable to resolve, projecting them into the future. Not knowing this fact will eventually give you a panic attack.

Where we suffer within our mind is that our language comes with duality: good v bad, beautiful v ugly, etc. We are always comparing and judging with dualistic thoughts.

As long as you are stuck with past issues such as “My father told me I was stupid, so I can only have a lower wage job.” Your thought hinders you to excel.

Same is true with a future issue: “I have a nasty coworker (or boss), so tomorrow, he will make me miserable again. I am stuck with it.”

When you are in anxiety, change all your thoughts to the present tense. With the past, we cannot do anything to change. With the future, it has not happened yet. When you place the present tense in the mind, focusing on the “now,” and when you are calm, your subconsciousness has no choice but to give you what you want for the now. You come up with a solution for the future, and when that time happens, you have already dealt with an issue, therefore you have confidence no matter what happens or what people say. Similarly, your pass issues simply resolve themselves in the present tense. You do what is necessary for the now.

Lastly, trust yourself. You have come this far, and it has not been a coincidence.

Concentrate on your excellence, and start enjoying your life with the present tense.

Only happiness we ever get is in the now.

Good luck.
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