Feedback from a client with severe tinnitus.
“I came to Frank to seek help with my post concussion severe tinnitus, after ~90 days of my concussion; I’ve had already done ~30 + sessions of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy), took the necessary vitamins, underwent a healthy diet, and had sound generators in my ears for ~1.5 months, for “tinnitus retaining therapy” prescribed by my oto-neurologist. When I first came to Frank my ringing was still very loud. After the first session with Frank, that night I started to notice changes in my ringing-shifting from right to left, roaring changed to high pitch, etc., which gave me glimpses of hope. After ~1.5 sessions with Frank I had experienced some emotional reliefs (felt through my whole body especially in the stomach) and also reduction in the ringing in my head. There’s a way to go yet for more healing, but there’s no doubt Frank contributed to a decrease in my tinnitus already, and I’m looking forward to working with Frank to more relief and health maintenance for my body.” Brent

Well, took only a week and a half to get him to this level.

I think asking two weeks of your life time to concentrate and improve your health is not too much to ask. Do the action and call.

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