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Are You Drinking Water Properly?
Age Ten and Under:
Children demand water more than adults. It is a very natural desire since their cells are multiplying fast. Parents must be vigilant on dehydration. Sometime, on hot summer day, a baby may have fever due to lack of water. Giving enough water may reduce the symptom. Avoid giving them sweet or soda water. Plain water or soothing tea would do better.

Age Between Ten and Twenty:
Drinking lots of water after hard exercise is not so good for the body. Water goes to the blood vessels and the heart is stressed by the process. Proper drinking habit is to drink a cup of water in interval. This way, you are not stressing the stomach and the heart. One reminder: if you hesitate to drink water when thirsty, the blood viscosity becomes thicker and causes to fatigue faster.

Age Between Thirty and Forty:
Required drinking water per day is about 0.7 gallon, of which we supply 1.2 quart of water by drinking. But the amount is not enough when we sweat a lot after exercise. You might want to supplement with sports drinks for minerals lost. I recommend, however, to dilute the drink in half. It is easier on the body. Try to think about creating or concocting your own personal drink according to your body needs.

Age Fifty and Older:
If you weigh 110 lb, your body contains about 8 gallons of water. As we age, the neurological signal for thirst is weakened, and before we realize, the blood looses the viscosity and is hardened. Especially dangerous time is while we are at sleep. Before bed, drink some water. Place a glass of water at bedside and drink it whenever you wake up during the night. Drink water soon after waking.

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