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Cancer: How To Prevent and How To Cope
I lost my aunt to liver cancer in July. Since I lost my mother to lung cancer, it is time for me to write about cancer.

First Defense:
Change blood to alkaline. Stop drinking alcohol and change your diet.
1) Start eating lot of dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, chard, and spinach. If you have cancer and cannot eat much, blend them together (you may drop some supplements), and drink the juice.
2) Eat seaweeds. Seaweeds cleanse blood and are anti-cancer (have fucoidan). You may buy a box of seaweed pills; triple the dosage if you have cancer.
3) You must stop drinking all types of alcohol. I do not know anyone who has beaten cancer while drinking. When comes to cancer, it is all about the liver. You must not weaken the functions of liver, or you will face the consequence.
(Also be aware, many drugs will weaken the liver. You must consult your doctor if prescribed drugs you take are really beneficial to your conditions). Stop eating all junk foods, spicy greasy foods, especially fried.
4) Cleanse the colon and do the liver detox. Do colonic once a month or after a severe diarrhea. Do the liver detox at the same time once in a while. In my opinion, the liver detox should be no longer than 14 days. An important part many of us forget is to strengthen the liver after a detox program. This is crucial because any liver detox will weaken the liver slightly. Eat green leafy vegetables and take Vit B supplements as soon as you are done with detox. Avoid stimulants such as hot spices, coffee, fried foods, strong drugs, etc.
5) Reduce stress. You must reduce stress. If you are in a stressful situation, you must question your priority. For example, if you think you are getting sicker having a job that you do not enjoy, then quit. It is not worth dying for. Find a direction in life and search for peace.

Second Defense:
Do not deny. If your heart* tells you that you need to change, you must act (surprisingly, so many people do not act and do nothing until too late). Have a support system. You should have someone in your peer group to talk to. You should seek answers from a doctor or an alternative practitioner. Once you have cancer, your family members will suffer as much as you do. You should have a support group to go through a difficult time. Have a strong mental mind. Do not be afraid. Many cancers with early detections are treatable. If you tell yourself that you are healthy and devoid of malignant cells, your subconscious has no other way but to make you healthy. There is always hope. (*”heart”: note that I did not write “brain.” Brain always lies to us. Here, you must “feel” rather than “think.”)

Some Vegetables, No 2: for cancer
1) Seaweeds (sea vegetables)
SAD (Standard American Diet) lacks the mineral intake from the sea. All seaweeds contain iodine (good for thyroid) and fucoidan (anti-cancer). They cleanse blood.
2) Mushrooms
Reduce cholesterol, inhibit tumor growth, increase the immune function.
3) Ginseng
Antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic. Ginseng is a strong herb, and I must caution you for overdose. Also, do not take with green tea.
4) Cauliflower & Broccoli
Contains isothiocyanate which helps the liver to detoxify carcinogenic substances.
5) Any green leafy vegetables are recommended.
6) Do not eat cheese. Cheese is a phlegm. When it is heated by the body heat, it clogs up all systems.

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