AST (aspartate aminotransferase) (aspartate:  non-essential amino acid)
AST is an enzyme which is found in the liver, as well as in muscles, the heart, the kidneys, and other organs.
After work out AST will go up.
Higher number indicates Inflammation, resulting in cirrhosis of liver or fatty liver.

ALT (alanine aminotransferase) (amino acid to make proteins:  energy for muscles and the central nervous system.)
ALT is an enzyme found mostly in the liver:  its number is the liver specific.
Higher number indicates the damage to liver cells that leads to liver dysfunction.

Level of AST/ALT:
Lower than 30, or up to 40 to 50 is a border line.
Over 100, definitely see a doctor

What to Watch:
Be BMI and excess intake of alcohol.
Instead of taking drugs to reduce the levels, consider why and how the numbers are high, and change your habit:  drink less alcohol, avoid greasy fried foods, avoid chemical drugs that destroys liver cells, etc.

Keep in Mind:
Do light exercises.
Do not keep the numbers high, try to reduce them under 30.

Fatty Liver:
Fatty Liver may lead to cirrhosis and cancer.

Functions of liver.
1: store energy
absorption of sugar from the intestine turns to glycogen in the liver
2:  detoxify
3: makes bile then stores in the gallbladder

What to Do:
Reduce triglyceride
Increase good cholesterol:  HDL, VLDL.
Change diet
No alcohol
De-stress and sleep well

Right side abdominal and under rib cage pain,
Especially when the rib cage is pressed toward the liver by pushing with fingers.
Nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss.
Yellowish skin and eyes.
Swollen abdomen and legs.
Extreme fatigue, lethargic, confusion.