Things Japan Acupuncture Does Not Do And Why

Painful acupuncture: if pain, it is not acupuncture.

Ineffective acupuncture: every point selected is effective, and with less than 12 needles.

Offer chemical drugs: no drugs.  What we sell are all natural and we make sure they are effective.

Consultation only: consultation is a western idea, and acupuncture is to prove by treating. If I were to talk about efficacy more than 20 min, I want to treat. Once I know your sufferings, I can’t let you go home with symptoms untreated.

Do not take insurance: there are very few insurance companies accept acupuncture in AZ. If they do, it usually be done by a medical doctor or a chiropractor, and not by acupuncturist (don’t make any sense but that’s what it is). Each year, however, more companies are becoming aware and the situation is getting better. If you don’t know your insurance covers acupuncture, please call a company first. Important question to ask is that: when is the last time insurance has really made you better and healthy?

Cupping: Michael Phelps got cupping treatments as we saw in Olympic, but the effect is temporary. I used to teach massage and I know hands-on therapy is so much more effective than mechanical.