Here is an another story to tell you.

Brent came to see on the 5th of this month for severe tinnitus and headache after concussion. He said that the ear drums felt like they were pounding, causing severe pain. He needs to wear special ear gadgets to reduce the tinnitus. When he was in Tucson, he was treated by an acupuncturist and went to see her 50 times! (none of my clients would come in this many times for a symptom)

After only two and half treatments (1/2 is about 20 min treatment instead of full hour), the severity of pain and tinnitus significantly reduced so that he can take off the ear gadgets and still be ok. He also said that he recently discharged a whole load of pent up emotions caused by the stress. He came in to tell me his story so far.

He is coming in for treatment tomorrow for the third time, and I’ll ask him to write a feedback.

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