New:  Goodyear Clinic At Wellness Center:  Mon & Th 1 to 7 pm
If you live in the Sun West/Surprise area, please call the Wellness Center:

Downtown Phoenix

Discounts Available
Seniors at the age of 69 or over
Military personnel
Cancer patients

Most Recent Feedback
Left hip and leg pain after one session, 64 yr old female:
“I do feel a big difference.”

Neck/ shoulder/TMJ after one session, 38 yr old female:
“Thanks for the check up.  I do feel better, however my shoulder is giving me some pain, I will be in on Monday”

Breathing problem, weak voice, nodules in the lungs, kidney stones, ulcerative colitis, and fatigue after two sessions, 43 yr old male:
“My wife can hear my voice,” “He is doing much better.  He seems to have more energy and overall, he looks a lot better.”