Goodyear Clinic
So far people in Goodyear have strong commitment and desire to get better. My new clients are really getting better in two or three sessions. I have been always telling people that consistency and commitment pay off, and I’m only asking two weeks of their lives to get better at least 50% or more, if not the complete recovery.

Here is the latest feedback from my client in Goodyear:  “I can honestly say I don’t know a lot about acupuncture and have no idea how long it takes to work but I feel fantastic right now. Is it the acupuncture? First time in months. Thank you.” Laura in Goodyear.

Went to Sprout in Goodyear. Bought a today’s special sandwich for $2.99 but a personnel priced it at $3.99. A cashier comped it, so I paid one item in cash but forgot my credit card on a table. She came out as I was walking to my car and handed it to me. Nice to be in a smaller community. So far, people are really nice here.

Call the Wellness Center: 623-986-5110
13385 W. McDowell Rd., Goodyear, AZ 85395
At the western end of J.C. Penny, and behind Marjerle’s sports bar.