Japanese Acupuncture, Phoenix, AZ

Clientele Demography
90%: referral base

“I don’t have to see three doctors anymore and am saving $130 for medications.”
Jim C. FedEx Executive

“Came in for a post surgery pain of the cervical spine. An option was to redo the surgery. Since I started coming here, results were whole lot better than the surgery, and I don’t need a surgery. Pains are almost gone.”
Gary S Retired Microbiologist

“Frank is a very caring healer. He takes time to listen to your words and your body before he begins any treatment. A visit to Japanese Acupuncture will not only heal your body, it will heal your soul. His office provides a very healing environment of music, art and peace.”
Sheila H. Private City Planner

“As a fellow acupuncture practitioner, I can say there are only two people in the state I would let work on me. I choose to see Frank at least once a month.”
Adam B. Chiropractor

Frank has worked wonders on my lower back. He helped to relieve the compression that none of the chiropractors I had been seeing were able to. I continue to see him for energetic/mental balancing and general wellness and always leave his space feeling a significant shift. Nikki A/Yoga Instructor

Frank is an amazing practitioner. I had seen another acupuncturists for some hormone issues and after 6-months I experienced very little change. I found Frank when I moved to Arizona five years ago and within two visits I saw major improvements and was feeling much better. I now see him once/month for “maintenance” to keep my hormones balanced and body healthy. I’ve referred Frank to family and friends who have complained of a variety of ailments from back pain to migraines to anxiety – they are all amazed at how quickly they feel better after seeing him. As experienced and intuitive as he is, he continues to invest in and improve his technique. Acupuncture is an art form and it can be difficult to find the right practitioner – Frank is the right one and I’m so grateful to have found him. Julie H/Holistic Health Counselor

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