Another Success: Bell’s Palsy

I know western medicine has no idea to fix Bell’s Palsy. From Oriental Medicine point of view, it is so called the Wind Condition and it belongs to the liver. One must be under windy element and condition: such as driving an open car, blowing air-condition or fan onto the body, under windy weather condition, etc.

A middle age hispanic male came in with Bell’s Palsy with elevation of the left lip and the left eye lid lock (could not shut). He had a difficulty speaking and eating with the deformed mouth. He could not shut his left eye lid. Knowing that the upper eye lid belongs to the Spleen (Oriental Medicine anatomy, therefore capitalized) and Bell’s Palsy belongs to the liver, I treat both acupuncture points. Aside from the Spleen and Liver, there is the Bell’s Palsy point.

Amazing thing about him was that when he came in he had a very dark skin tone, and the second time he came in, his skin tone was much lighter. This transformation continued with each session.

He came back for the forth treatment today and he is more than 90% better and looked almost normal. He can speak well and gained his natural tone of voice. His left eye lid closes completely although not as freely as the right lid. I am sure that today’s forth session is all he needs now. It took only less than two weeks to be normal. I am glad he believed in my treatments.